Who We Are

Rmdc erudition Center smart classroom is an online classroom that provides technical implementation training programs on Software development, data analytics, DevOps, Cyber Security, and Conversational AI Design with a complete focus on 60% hands-on development.

Our Objective

Is to contribute to the penetration of tech skills. Discovering and Developing young talent as contributors to the Tech ecosystem.


Joseph Israel

CEO & Founder

Leveraging his 20+ years of expertise in Linux, PHP, Full Stack developments and network routing, founded Round Marketers Digital Concepts. The Erudition Center Smart Classroom, to help bridge the learning gap for technological skill discovery and development. His extensive experience in full stack web development, and deployment of services strengthens his vision, to help discover and empowering individuals with in-demand tech skills and fostering critical thinking for a thriving digital tomorrow.


Victor Chinedu

AWS Certified Expert

A seasoned Cloud Computing Engineer who specializes in DevOps and Site Reliability Engineering. With 4+ years of experience in development, testing, deployment and management of production servers. Has great mentoring capabilities which have endeared him to youth's strategic development in tech.


Idiris Momoh

Cyber Security Expert

Idris Momoh, a cybersecurity instructor, is a seasoned Sophos Certified Firewall Engineer for cybersecurity with proficiency in network engineering, web development, and graphic design. His diverse skill set, coupled with a Digital Marketing certification, enables him to excel in instructing multifaceted IT concepts.


Olomu Oladipupo Micheal

Python Instructor

Olomu Oladipupo Micheal is an adept instructor proficient in the MERN stack, Python for data analysis, and Flutter app development. With a passion for MATLAB and a diverse skill set, he brings comprehensive expertise to teaching programming and development concepts.


Efeoghene Batholomew

Marketing and Communication Strategies

Batholomew Efeoghene Success, a Mass Communication graduate from Interlink Polytechnic, possesses a vibrant passion for digital marketing. With three years of dedicated ghostwriting experience, She is equipped to mentor and instruct learners, providing valuable insights and guidance in the dynamic realm of digital marketing and communication strategies.